Introducing Unleash Your Pretty

Introducing Unleash Your Pretty

Unleash Your Pretty, also known as UYP is self care awareness brand designed to provide hand crafted natural products that aid in your self care journey. We promote, encourage and empower others to create your own special care routine to fit your busy lifestyle. 

Our Vision

To build a community of people who indulge in self care activities and source a variety of opportunities that can help others in similar circumstance.  

Product Quality

Each product is developed to give you the same quality as an upscale spa right in the comforts of your home. Ingredients are sourced locally and from companies that believe in providing products in their raw, natural state.

How We Make 

Hand-poured soy candles in small batches we handpick our premium fragrance oils, sample butters, carrier oils and soy wax to combine luxurious soy candles that are skin safe and moisturizing. Each massage oil candle is crafted with lead free cotton wicks, skin safe soy wax and premium fragrance oils that are phthalate free. We make sure to pay close attention to details of each candle.

Real Ingredients for your skin and intoxicating fragrances to sooth your soul

Unleash Your Pretty Luxury Candles, Bath and Body strives to make sure we include rich, natural ingredients to fit your relaxation needs. Each massage oil candle is formulated to provide moisturizing properties and pleasant aroma. 

Who We Are

A self care brand that provides valuable resources and products to fit your lifestyle. Our job is to give you the tools and resouces to help you take back control of your well-being. 

I understand what it means to always put others before yourself constantly and we are here to remind you how important your needs are too. Together we will start developing a personal self care regiment that fits you best. Let's get started.

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